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Summer Coffee

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Home Barista Guide Ebook
Spilling the Beans


The Beautiful Beans


The Sustainable Commuter Challenge – Cathedral Village Voice

Playing Musical Chairs – Cathedral Village Voice

You’ll Never Find the Right Time to Follow Your Dreams, So Don’t Bother Waiting – Parent.Co

Tackling the Cathedral Craters By Bike – Cathedral Village Voice

365 Days of Coffee – with Monique Martin (OSAC)

Guest Article for Darlo Velo

Dishing the Dirt (Food Ethics Council) – PDF

Fuelling Up on Waste Coffee (Mendelay)


My name is Annabel Townsend, and I really am a doctor of coffee! I wrote my PhD. thesis about ideas of quality in the coffee industry, from the University of Sheffield, UK. When I'm not making coffee, I write a lot of creative non-fiction, ride my bikes everywhere and enjoy life in the flat bit of Canada.

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