About Dr. Coffee


Annabel  Townsend, a.k.a Dr. Coffee really does have a PhD in coffee. Her coffee career started during her days as an Anthropology undergraduate at Durham University, UK, where she developed an interest in the idea of ‘food as culture’, and after some amazing experiences in Peru and Nicaragua, also a love of Latin America. She worked in coffee shops while finishing her Masters, and that experience inspired an academic study of coffee. She was lucky enough to have this project accepted as a PhD research proposal by the University of Sheffield in 2007. The coffee doctorate began!

Since then, Dr. Coffee has opened coffee shops on both sides of the Atlantic, set up mobile coffee carts to cater outdoors, and worked as a coffee consultant and speaker.

Outside of her coffee world, Annabel’s other love is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), in which she has participated for over ten years. A great many of those novels never see the light of day, but she encourages others to try the epic writing challenge by hosting write-ins and events at her coffee shop.

Nowadays, Annabel is based in Regina, Saskatchewan where she owns a coffee company and works on her books when not running around after her two daughters. She writes a lot creative non-fiction (mainly about coffee), blogs, performs slam poetry and occasionally dabbles into fiction.