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Writes of Spring

Isn’t the sunshine glorious?

Spring has sprung, finally and already people are coming out of the general Saskatchewan hibernation; things are starting to happen again around town.

The library is running lots of programs for writers at the moment:

189447312RPL web Writes of Spring

My other blog explains why I am determined to support the libraries even more than usual at the moment. I have managed to get to quite a few of their programs recently and all of them have been inspiring and helpful.

I am also doing the Spring markets with Wheelie Good Coffee right now and unfortunately managed to triple-book myself for the Library/Sask Writers’ Guild Publishing Symposium and can’t make it. However, today I attended a talk about publishing children’s books at Connaught branch. I went mainly for publishing tips but I have also been toying with a few ideas for books for kids – not coffee-related! Shock! Horror!

I started scribbling some silly ideas about the Adventures of our Ferrets, long ago when Miranda was a lot smaller. Amazingly, I still have them and I might revisit them at some point. Those require illustrating, though, and that is way beyond my meagre skill set right now.

More seriously, I loveNico Encarnacion(1) the random conversations that I’ve been having with Miranda lately; she asks so many questions! Her train of thought is wonderfully unique too, and trying to explain the abstract concepts or scientific processes to her is actually quite interesting from our point of view because she just doesn’t ask the things you’d expect her to. I started typing up our exchanges.

I don’t know what I’ll do with them yet, but for now, I’ve put a few up on Wattpad. This is something I can add to whenever we discuss something good – a serialised kid’s non-fiction book? That could be a pretty unique concept!


My name is Annabel Townsend, and I really am a doctor of coffee! I wrote my PhD. thesis about ideas of quality in the coffee industry, from the University of Sheffield, UK. When I'm not making coffee, I write a lot of creative non-fiction, ride my bikes everywhere and enjoy life in the flat bit of Canada.

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