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Ugly Cooking withe Reckless abandon

7055556-0edaf922d303df01b925a44e6fef0a4dUgly Cooking with Reckless Abandon

A collection of recipes (a loose term, more “creative guidelines”) gathered from around the world and developed into ugly messes, most of which can be cooked at home. UglyCakes, in fact, any sort of Ugly Cooking are dishes that taste fantastic but don’t always look that appealing. Bel does not believe that the first bite is with the eye. This book is a celebration of food in all its forms and of cooking food to eat, not to look at.


My name is Annabel Townsend, and I really am a doctor of coffee! I wrote my PhD. thesis about ideas of quality in the coffee industry, from the University of Sheffield, UK. When I'm not making coffee, I write a lot of creative non-fiction, ride my bikes everywhere and enjoy life in the flat bit of Canada.

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